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Absentia season 1 tells us the story about Emily Byrne, the agent, working in FBI. While hunting for one of the most dangerous serial killers of Boston, Emily disappears. After the disappearance she is considered dead. However 6 years later she is found hardly alive in the forest, but Emily doesn’t remember the lost years at all. Returning home, Emily finds out that her husband has remarried, and her son is brought up by another woman. But here Emily is soon involved in some new series of murders. Emily was considered a possible victim of serial murderer Conrad Harlow, but miraculously she returned to her family. Investigating Emily’s disappearance, her husband Nick Durand found the connection between Emily and Robert Semerov, who has not the most positive feelings to Emily. When FBI watches Robert, suspicion suddenly falls on Emily. Is she still the same person they knew? And soon the alleged serial murderer Conrad Harlow, is released from prison. But Emily has not still found a solution to the mystery of her abduction at all. She fights for returning to normal life, but the suddenly appears the witness. Emily denies suspicions: she is sure that the witness lies, that he has been forced to make a false statement. Probably, by someone from FBI. Whether Emily and Nick will be able to find out the truth?

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