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The TV series “Alias Grace” is based on the popular novel by famous writer Margaret Atwood. This is a story about a maidservant whose life develops in the middle of the nineteenth century.

A woman emigrant Grace Marks came from Ireland to start a whole new life. She arranges to work as a maid in the house of secured Thomas Kinnear. She is honestly fulfilling her duties. In one day Mr. Kinnear is killed. The police have evidence, and they all point to Grace’s involvement. The pure girl doesn’t remember anything. The police don’t believe a frightened woman and sentence her to imprisonment. In prison, Grace is hard, but she hopes for justice. Years go by, but Grace continues to sit in jail. After a decade, the circumstances of the case attracted Dr. Simon Jordan. He is convinced of Grace’s guilt, but still wants to help a woman remember the past. It will not be easy to prove a new version of events after ten years. Unable to stay away, Dr. Jordan does everything to help Grace.

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