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Charismatic Doctor
Bull – a series about a brilliant doctor who helps the police to conduct investigations. Dr. Bull can manipulate people and thanks to this in most cases achieves his goal. He also uses the knowledge of psychology to put pressure on witnesses and suspects. This person is very cynical. Self-sufficient and self-assured hero easily achieves the desired result.

The cheeky expert
His character does not always help him because he can be too persistent and uncompromising. At the same time, an ideal knowledge of psychology allows him to combine professionalism and arrogance. Many rely on this combination and in most cases are right. An ingenious doctor knows how to recognize the truth and lies and this skill is lacking for most officers. In the series Bull there works not one person but the whole team. Thanks to this they manage to achieve high results.

Behavior Analysis
Dr. Bull works in the clinic but complex investigations cannot go without him. He is not only able to analyse behaviour, gestures and words, but can also pressure judges if necessary. The talents of Bull easily conquer the audience who will observe his work.

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