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Old crimes
The Channel Zero – a series about the mystical disappearance of children that occurred in the 80’s. The witness of these events was Mike Panther. He remembers his twin brother, who disappeared while being small. The boy was not found. Mike had to forget about his brother. Panther chose the profession of a child psychologist and achieved great success in this field. The doctor faced a wide variety of cases, but he never forgot the terrible events from his childhood. After a couple of decades, he decided to take up the investigation.
Horror stories
The Channel Zero series is based on Chris Stroub’s story about the phenomenon of kripipast. It’s about spreading horror stories on the Internet and in TV shows. It was the program, which was popular in the 80’s, that united several mysterious cases. To sort things out, Mike returns to his hometown. Authorities have long forgotten about the series of disappearances, but Panther is haunted by memories. He will try to sort things out on his own.
Mysterious transmission
Mike remembers that he and his brother adored watching a children’s TV show. At that time all children were watching this program. It’s hard to believe, but it is with this show that the tragic fate of several children is connected. Through the screens of TVs they contacted something mystical. Affecting the child is simple enough, so many were trapped. In most cases, the victims voluntarily approached death, without knowing what awaits them. The Channel Zero series will surprise viewers with mystical events.

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