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False wellbeing
Doctor Foster is a TV series about a woman who suspected her husband of being unfaithful. The heroine herself was always honest in her married life, did not have any connections with other men and did not deceive her husband. There was always a trusting relationship and there were no suspicions between Fosters but suddenly numerous details formed into one picture. Gemma notices that Simon began to behave a little differently, sees someone else’s hair on his clothes – and suspicions are increasing every day. Most likely he had a mistress, and if so, then she needs to catch him on the spot.

The idea of ​​fixation
Gemma is a calm, patient and reasonable person but since she began to follow her husband everything has changed a lot. Colleagues and relatives do not understand why she became so suspicious, irritable and tense. Fosters have a son, their family looks prosperous, and the spouses – successful, but it looks like this only from the side. In the series Doctor Foster we’ll see how the heroine behaves at work and get to know her colleagues. In the medical centre everyone treats her with respect because Gemma helps dozens of people but her condition begins to affect the work with patients.

The Path to the Abyss
Gemma continues to follow her husband and gradually plunges into the world of her suspicions and fears the future. The desire to convict a husband of treason becomes stronger than common sense, every new step looks more and more desperately and boldly. What will a decent and respected woman do to expose her husband? If nothing changes in the behaviour, her family life will collape, career can also be threatened. But it all does not frighten Gemma. In the series Doctor Foster it is important only one thing – to be convinced of their rightness and find out with whom spends time the spouse.

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