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Real Threat
Fear the walking dead – the story of the outbreak of the zombie epidemic. Events begin in Los Angeles which became the first victim of the virus. At first no one believed his eyes, but then it became impossible to deny that there are more and more zombies around. People began to unite in groups and together to struggle with the misfortune. In the center of events is the family of Travis and Madison. Spouses together with older children understand that they cannot stay in one place. In extreme circumstances each of them will show himself from the new side, unexpected even for himself.
The world through the eyes of a drug addict.
The first man who discovered the problem was Madison’s son. Nick is a drug addict, so almost nobody believed him. The doctors wrote off his stories for hallucinations, but his father decided to see it with his own eyes. Within a day everything was confirmed. Information about the epidemic went around the city. The school was closed, people were in panic. Streets were filled with the dead. They must immediately flee and hurry away from the city.

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