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Life is changing
The series Fuller House will acquaint us with a big and noisy family, which has a hard time. Di Jay Tanner lost her husband and became a widow. In addition to personal grief, she has problems and more serious ones. Three sons require constant attention. They are the ones you have to watch, but she still have to make a living somehow. So, the main character is in bad circumstances. She has to quickly navigate and find a worthy way out of the situation

Friends, to the rescue!
Very soon Jay understood that she could not handle herself. Who can she call for help in this situation? The nurse will not help here. Children need to be known well and also be understood. The question of money is also important. The main character refers to her sister. Stephanie readily agrees but she cannot devote all her time to nephews. She have to look for someone else. The second assistant is a close friend of Jay – Kimmy. Fuller House is a series in which there is no room to swing a cat.

No time to rest
It is obvious to everyone that in a house with three children there cannot be peace. Even if they are watched in turn by three adults this does not help to avoid comical situations and domestic accidents. Funny children’s tricks and desperate attempts of adults to cope with them – this is the plot of the series. A lot of funny events turn all the episodes into a comedy, so you can watch them together with your family.

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