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The founders of the church
In the series Greenleaf the dark side of such a phenomenon as the mega-church is showed. In Memphis the Protestant organization, which gathered more than 2 thousand parishioners, was founded by the spouses James and May Greenleaf. For many believers, they became the embodiment of the creator. Simple and naive people are trusting to the pastor and his insidious wife, who in fact have nothing to do with God. Rather, even the opposite: in their family there are so many of suspicious events.

Unclean affair
The main characters of the Greenleaf series have two adult daughters. Grace did not live with her parents for twenty years, but after such a long period of time she returns home with her teenage daughter. Elder sister of Grace died under mysterious circumstances. No one wants to discuss the tragedy, the family prefers to ignore that incident. This is not the only mystery in the Greenleaf family, which managed to fool more than two thousand parishioners.

Bad character
May does not care about the church and the principles that they profess. The main thing for her is money, which people willingly donate to the divine needs of the church. The pastor’s wife will be able to benefit in any circumstances. Her evil nature and innate greed contribute to this. The Greenleaf series are produced by Oprah Winfrey, which is a proof of the good quality of the picture. An unusual dramatic story exposes the mega-church in Memphis.

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