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In one family
Tv show Marlon talks about a family whose head does not know how to be responsible. It so happened that even when he became a father, he himself did not cease to be a child. The image of the protagonist is partly based on the biography of actor Wayans. Marlon has a wife and children, whom he loves very much. With all his might, he tries to help all of them and please, support and cheer. But he is rather clumsy and knows nothing about responsibility. Therefore, there is always something fun happening in his house.
Big child
Dad spares no effort and time to make his family happy. He helps his wife, although this assistance often turns into a catastrophe. But the children have fun with their strange and kind dad. Fortunately, his wife is trying to improve all his mistakes. She follows the order in the house and directs the actions of the others. Mother of the family adores order and purity, punctuality and accuracy. The exact opposite of her husband, she tries to mitigate his shortcomings.
One whole
It is a family that does not spend a day without adventures. The father always manages to get into trouble somewhere, and sometimes even mix the children into this too. A naive, simple and kind guy always tries for the good of family and friends, but with his luck it would be better for him not to do anything at all. A funny and kind picture about family life will please the spectators with simplicity and freshness. It is always interesting to observe how big and small children have fun under the supervision of a strict mother.

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