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The plot of the series tells about a young girl Victoria McQueen, who discovers incredible abilities. The main character understands that she has an amazing ability to open portals to other worlds. Of course, these universes are different from our usual one. The main character understands that the other world is still connected to the one we know: all the things that people lost and did not find are there. Who would have thought that the journey to such remote and frightening corners of another dimension would drag the main character. Victoria knows very well that ahead of her there are really difficult and dangerous tests, some of which can end sadly. The fact is that other people also walk through the other world. They try to find their lost opportunities and things, and meetings with them always turn into amazing events. One day, the main character encounters a man, Charlie Manx, who is an immortal man, because he has always absorbed children’s souls, adding several years to the years of his life. However, he uses his years only for his own good. A man is not a hero, but rather the opposite – harms everyone around. Victoria understands that he is the main enemy.

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