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One number

Room 104 – a series about the events that occurred over the years in one hotel room. You never know who will be the next guest. There are no restrictions, so anyone who can pay the rate can spend the night in the hotel. Thus, thousands of different people, each with their own history, visited the room. All of them believe that walls cannot speak, but everything is not so simple.

From black to white

In Room 104 there were rich people and poor people who collected the necessary amount for a long time. Young lovers came here to spend the night together. There were also elderly couples who wanted to remember the days of their youth. The walls of the room saw happiness and sadness, anger and joy, longing and ecstasy.

Scary business

In this hotel, one hundred and fourth room became special. Something ominous happened here. In addition to touching episodes of joy and sadness, unfulfilled hopes and fulfilled desires, bloody events stand out particularly vividly. What happened in this usual at first glance room?

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