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Elite unit
Seal Team 2017 – a series about the activities of US Special Forces and a special mission entrusted to the fighters. The elite of the Navy are unshakable guys who have passed all the circles of hell, so they are entrusted with the most dangerous and responsible missions. Physical strength, fortitude and courage help the soldiers in their work, but they do not save them from the risk of being killed during the next operation. Each of the heroes understands the peculiarity of their work and performs duties coolly. The detached unit is led by Jason Hayes, an experienced fighter with the character of a leader who is always ready to face a new danger in any region.
The best fighters
Navy Seals have to carry out missions not only on land, but also in water and in the air. There are diversionary tasks such as rescue operations and the search for criminals. Jason is a newcomer in the team, who has received high-quality training. Clay Spencer possesses the necessary skills, but has not yet had time to gain experience. One of his first missions is the hunt for terrorists of the Islamic state. In the series Seal Team heroes are assigned to fight extremists and destroy their leader. Saddam Hussein must be captured.
Against Terrorism
The events shown in the picture are based on the military operation of 2003 when the special forces of US invaded Iraq. For a long time the main terrorist of the world was wanted, but he could not escape from the American troops. How did one of the most high-profile events in the history of the fight against terrorism come about? We will also see other operations that the team plans under the leadership of Hayes. They trust each other, so they test the newcomers in all possible ways: to become one part of the elite team is not for everyone.

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