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Time of struggle
The Shooter series takes viewers a few centuries back, at a time when Korea was under the rule of Japan. This was the period of fair and honour struggle of Korean soldiers for independence. They revered the swords. Each had his own weapon, which, according to legend, was associated with the soul of the master. The sword was considered a living thing, but gun was just a bunch of iron. Nobody used guns and pistols. The era of Joseon changed a lot in the fate and history of the country.
The course on modernization
The 19th century was the era of change, it was time to modernize the army and all the other spheres of life in Korea. However, the warriors continued to gain victories with the help of their faithful weapon – the sword. The Shooter series will tell you about one man who had to give up his traditions in order to achieve his goal. Pak Yun Gan has always been the one who fought with the sword. Traditions are important to him, but in some cases they have to be violated. The tragedy that has occurred with his family pushes him to another path.
All is fair in war
A terrible thing happened With Pak Yong Ghana’s family, and it was not his fault. His father was cruelly killed, sister was sold into slavery. Is it possible to forgive this? First you have to find the killers and take revenge on them. The main character understands that there is no use in fighting with the sword. He has to turn to soulless firearms, because only so you can achieve your mission. Shooter will tell you how a fearless soldier took up a new kind of weapon. Favourite sword has to be put aside until better times.

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