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The series Snowfall (2017) are dedicated to the events of the 80s in America. Until then, the problem of drug trafficking was not so large. Everything changed dramatically when cheap stuff came to the United States. Imported from the Dominican Republic crack led to the formation of drug cartels, the development of trade. Americans began to use the drug more and more often, spend a lot of money on it. Many decided to take the advantage of this.

On the wave of the epidemic, many have made fortunes. Three teenagers, who became the main heroes of the Snowfall, also found themselves inside the drug market. Franklin is quite ambitious and plans to step over the post of ordinary businessman. Gustavo is a Mexican by birth who went downhill. Logan – major, who first understands the prospects of the boom. It is he who plans to get rich on cocaine.

The crime rate has increased dramatically when hundreds of merchants appeared on the streets of Los Angeles. The police can do practically nothing, the cartels start to rule the world. Their power extends to the entire country, and some extend the zone of influence beyond the United States. Against the background of this insanity, the stories of the trinity of teenagers are developing. In the series Snowfall, we will see how the young businessmen change, getting into the cycle of dangerous events.

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