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Big family
Series Speechless is the original comedy about a large family. The spouses raise three children. Everything goes on as usual, until the disease begins to develop in one of them. Cerebral paralysis made the boy disabled. He is forced to move exclusively in the armchair, therefore requires special attention and care. However, JJ has problems not only with the musculoskeletal system. Besides, he does not have a voice. To communicate with people, the guy uses a computer attached to the chair.
Equal conditions
Maya, the mother of three, is particularly concerned about the fate of Jay Jay. She wants to find a good school for a teenager, in which his shortcomings would not be so upsetting. It is important to find not only suitable teachers, but also a class in which he would not be mocked. That’s why the family lives in constant travelling. The search for an educational institution turns into a conflict with other two children, who are tired of the fact that every time they need to start all over again. In the series Speechless they have changed dozens of schools.
Advantages and disadvantages
Despite the illness, Jay retains a rather positive attitude. He uses his shortcomings to play a trick on his brother and sister. The guy treats the world with humour, as far as possible in his situation. It would seem that relatives can quarrel because of the special needs of the child, but it turns out on the contrary. Passing through quarrels and conflicts they understand each other better and begin to appreciate family relations. The series Speechless will not only make you laugh but also remind you of simple values.

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