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The six-episode drama is based on the story of Cornelia Rau. Real events take us to the city of Brisbane, where this woman was found in a state of delirium. She is a native of Australia, whose parents came to the country from Germany. The main character suffers from schizophrenia, which is why she was immediately sent for examination, and then to prison. As a result, she had to stay in a temporary immigration detention center for a whole year. Cornelia did not receive any medical care, but she needed it very much. The condition caused by schizophrenia became more and more terrible. Ten months passed before any of the senior management figures figured out the situation. However, the story will focus not only on Cornelia, but also on other people who at the same time found themselves at the center of immigration in the middle of the Australian desert. Each of them has its own difficulties and problems, the solutions of which are not visible even on the horizon.

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