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The life of Raymond Reddington is full of adrenalin. He is one of the most wanted criminals in the United States. Police officers from every city and every town try to catch him, but he is too smart to get caught. However, one day Reddington arrives in the GQ of FBI and confesses in all crimes of which he is guilty. What are the reasons for this behavior? Reddington assures that he just wants to help investigators as he knows that sooner or later they would catch him. He also says he is ready to make a list of persons involved in financing or organizing terrorist attacks as well as provide their personal information. The only requirement of Reddington is to cooperate with one precise specialist. He chooses Elizabeth Keen, young and inexperienced, and no one understands this choice. The police satisfies the requirement, and Reddingtonstarts to give names from his blacklist. Nevertheless, Keen does not trust him. She suspects he is playing the double game. Where is the truth? Watch The Blacklist series and you will find it!

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